Our general management services support our digital transformation services. They include project management, new technology launches, business performance improvement, market research, financial analysis, assistance with M&A and other areas. We have the analytical, research and communication skills needed to dissect such problems, understand the impediments and come up with solutions to help resolve them.

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Project Management

We have over 20 years of experience in project management in a variety of scenarios including enterprise IT, process improvement, GRC (governance, risk and compliance), M&A as well as business initiatives of various kinds. The work has spanned a variety of industries, including telecom/wireless, software, energy, healthcare, insurance and others.

We have worked on turnaround projects and successfully corrected potentially disastrous project trajectories to achieve re-balancing and success from the perspective of goals, budgets, timelines, quality and risk management. We have managed large projects with budgets in the range of $20MM and with team sizes of over 200 team members including cross-org teams, in some cases geographically and internationally distributed.

It’s not always the size of the budget that matters. We have also managed small strategy teams working on financial analysis in post-merger litigation scenarios where we helped save the client millions of dollars.



We follow the principles of the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge), which is the accepted certification standard for PMP certified practitioners in the industry. We have also adopted Agile practices which are more suited to projects in the Digital Transformation realm. Agile projects leverage business input on a frequent basis to support rapid development and test cycles to ensure that features being delivered are indeed those most valuable to the business.

Market Research & Insights

The Research & Insights services we offer help assess industry and sector trends, customer moves, competitor strategies and even regulatory changes which can impact the business. The gains in clarity from having these insights in hand facilitates the job of creating effective strategies to compete effectively and creation of the appropriate business metrics.

The ability to make better strategic decisions on business capability investments comes from both – internal and external analysis. While internal analysis is easier to perform due to ready access to people, systems and data, it can be much harder to evaluate external threats and risks without the right skills.

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